The Association

The Association Praiano Chambre and Jazz Music was founded in 2022 to make classical and jazz music accessible to the local community and guests who come to the Amalfi coast to spend their holidays.

It all began in 2017 when the Iaquinto and Testa families donated fourteen hundred vinyls of classical music, a piano, and two hundred volumes of History of Music to the Municipality of Praiano.

It was then that the municipal administration presented to the Campania Region a project for the restructuring of the Congrega del Rosario in Praiano to make it the House of Music. After decades of disuse, thanks to Don Luigi Amendola, parish priest of San Luca, the oratory was finally restored and prepared to host musical activities.

The Association proposes various objectives and initiatives: dissemination, promotion, and development of art and entertainment; music education and professional training of artistic paths; realization of concerts and guided listening of classical and jazz music vinyls; training courses in the field of music by providing instruments, books, vinyls, scores provided by the Association.

Through music, Praiano Chambre and Jazz Music intends to create moments of encounter and cultural exchange, actively involving the resident community through training courses, study activities, courses, and seminars aimed at young people.